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One thing I am sure that SEO-th and webmasters can not be satisfied, have analysis software. Google reported Webmaster Tools Holiday update that offers SEO-th and webmasters new goodies. These include:
Top Page Queries in Query Reports
URL Redirects in Link Reports
Both supplements Webmaster Tools offer really strong indications that consumers should really smash my legs from rushing out any more detailed information than the other. It allows to see which keywords have led visitors to each page and where rankva this page for that keyword. As ipresiite and clicks on these words can be used to take a correct decision what resources will be allocated to improve the ranking.
Top Page Queries in Query Reports
In the past Webmaster Tulsa, showing only complete Top query-th. But now you can now understand your top query-so in your top pages. Go to Search Query Report and clicking on “Top Pages”.
Top Page Queries in Query Reports
You can then click on any any of the URL-th bottom of the reports to see top query-th that led visitors to this page from search engine Google.
top query-th that led visitors to this page
And then tick a specific query, will give you full detailed list of the page.
tick a particular search query
You can also do a little more closely now filtering by type of demand, location and amount of traffic, in addition to the filter by calendar dates.

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