SEO Optimisation Advices

Social SEO Marketing

Connections are a sign of attention.
And Google will always want to recognize all the signs of attention. Leaving aside BlackHat techniques to successfully use social media, and as a side effect to rise ranking, you need to build both a presence in social networks, and create messages easily spread among your social friends.
This is much like PR. And unlike other times where the use of PR stands for PageRank, here it comes to Public Relations (PR).
Start by determining your target audience. Do you know someone who is active among this audience? Try to meet with as many people from this audience, especially with important personalities who are the driving force in his audience.
Let these important people spread your message. Naturally, this can mean even payment in any form. Reciprocal Links, services, money, drugs, drinking, women. Whatever works for you 🙂
Just kidding.
Or – note that this is the most effective way – simply create a message / status so interesting to them it’s really hard to NOT share it with their friends.
Think about how you rotate your message. Think in terms of profits. I.e. what would benefit your audience from this that knows this information? What will they gain? What is related to their curiosity? Feed this their curiosity. Sometimes it’s not the message itself, and the way it is served.
Planned in advance. Can you turn your message around a specific event, such as a holiday? Or a current event? Or celebrity?
Come out and meet people face-to-face. People will be more receptive to your ideas, if you really think you know.

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