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A widespread view that the search engines take into account the signals of popular social networks in their algorithms. Yet millions of links are shared every day on sites like Facebook and Twitter. It would be rather surprising if search engines like Google and Bing straight ignored these links, especially given the fact that the major search engines have contracts for access to information with Twitter and / or Facebook.
But who exactly are the signals they detect and how much weight to give those sites as links? Thanks to Danny Sullivan of interviews conducted with both representatives of Google, as well as those of Bing, we can now with greater certainty to say some things.
Twitter: Retweets
Are the retweet-s as ranking factors?
Google uses retweet-s as a factor for both organic results and the results in the search for news.
Bing uses retweet-s signal, but most of this is reflected in Bing Social Search. Bing also looks etc. “Social prestige” of the relevant public, which is determined by analyzing the number of followers who have the consumer, and how many people should the user. See below.
Twitter: User Authority
Calculate and monitor user you authority to Twitter?
Google calculates and uses a “quality profile”, but apparently it in a way that does not personally identify the user himself. Sounds a bit strange, is not it ?!
Bing basically does the same, except the well-known people associated with their accounts for this purpose.
Twitter: User authority and weight of the links
It gives you more weight on links posted by users with more authority?
Google does not use the user authority in terms of adding weight to the links of the organic traffic, although it used “in certain situations,” such as a Google search in real time.
Bing just say ‘YES’ without mentioning additional information.
Facebook and Twitter as factors in demand
Facebook: Links
Do you follow the links shared on Facebook?
Google treats links from Facebook, in the same way as those from Twitter.
Bing seen mainly links shared by “All”, including those shared by Facebook fan pages.
Facebook: User Authority
Calculate and monitor user authority you Facebook?
Google calculates users of authority, but tries to identify an individual user.
Bing does not follow, saying how complicated something in this network.
Facebook: User authority and weight of the links
It gives you more weight on links posted by users with more authority?
Google applied consumer authority in the way they do and links to Twitter (less optional).
Bing Twitter and mentioned again as sharing connections there. And they say that if connections are shared in large quantities in both places, it “is very likely these links are legitimate”
Implications for Facebook, Twitter, Google and Bing
Implications for you
Social factors used by search engines.
In most cases, these factors are used less selective.
Large volumes appear to play a more important role than the authority of the user, at least at this stage.
Google examines Twitter and Facebook or less the same as while Bing seems favored over Twitter.

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