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SEO Mistakes

January is a time in which assesses the elapsed time and the things that we have achieved over the last year, and those who are not. Having said that it is time for a fresh start and a chance to correct past mistakes.
The optimization of websites (SEO) there are many mistakes that people make, and certainly should not make them. So, if you somehow do these errors it is time to stop, especially if you want to start fresh with your SEO-it new in 2011.
1. The home page is not there, where Trafficking
Yes, this is your home page, but it does not mean that you want to obtain a high ranking in the term “home page”. Unless you deal with books or are publishing, there is no logic to baptize your home page “Home” – especially if you want to rankva this page well on various important to you keywords.
Your home page should target the main key terms in which you would like to go to the top positions in search engines. For example, if you are a builder, the title of your home page should target the building your services around your workplace.
2. Move the test Robots.txt the living site
This problem happens more often than it should. If set correctly, Robots.txt file on your server demo meant to block search engines from being indexed your site until it is released.
Only when moving code from demo server live server, robots.txt-it should not be moved along with it. I’ve seen customers that their site after placing experiencing major problems with the ranking and traffic. And it just because search engines do exactly what they had been ordered not to index the live site – you know, the place which generally brings money …
Otherwise also quite a big problem: Do not block search engines demo server. At the moment a stray link directed to demo server fall into the common area, all dogs are released from the kennel. The next moment demo server will be indexed, you’ll have problems with duplicate content and the whole world will know what you’re doing before you did.
Secure with block search engines from indexing this demo your server and play them when it comes to the live site. The easiest way to do this is by adding to the list of steps that your QA try to break your system.
3. Duplicate Meta tags
Duplicate Meta tagoveVsichkite your pages are different, your content is different (at least should be) affected his various topics other products / services are sold. Then why would you have the same description in the Description meta tag?
Yes, you may be “The best builder in Sofia, build office and residential buildings,” etc., but this is not the case in each of your pages, right? Revamped meta tags so that to fit the content of each of your pages, targeting the right keywords on each page. For example, the page where brick should have meta tags reflecting the bricks that you sell.
4. Click
Click “Click” may seem good call-to-action, telling users to click on the links to move forward, but it is definitely not so with regard to search engines. This in no way suggests them for what happens on the question of the page to which they are linking.
If you need to really have a text on the “Click here to see our catalog with braided ropes” do “our catalog with braided ropes” is anchor text-and in a relationship. This tells the search engines that the page to which the link refers to “a catalog of braided ropes.”
5. Run and forget
As I have said not once, SEO-it does not have tomatoes. Not once buy a few kilos and think that everything ends there, although a lot of people still think so. The algorithms of search engines are changing every day. Your competition is certainly not standing with a glass of iced tea (not specify the brand for CEM), waiting for traffic to just drop them on the site.
Even keywords and phrases are constantly changing as new phrase entered the vocabulary and diction of people and you may begin to displace those who are initially targeted. And if your company policy change, do not you think that the optimization you need to redirect?
Someone must be appointed to monitor your website. This includes software for analyzes and other monitoring tools such as Google Webmaster Tools.
It’s quite surprising how many sites are not integrated analysis software, or at least were not integrated properly. Does your software monitors the overall time visitor to purchase? Do you know exactly where in the sales process you lose most of its lead-es?
With such tools, problems and potential missed opportunities on your site can be easily identified and to start working in your favor.
6. Impatience
I want it all and want it now – Queen “I want it all and want it now” (“I want it all, and I want it now”) is cool when you sing Queen, but it certainly does not work in SEO. Achieving high performance in the SERPs takes time, and depending on the keywords competition (phrases) may never achieve such with your page.
It will definitely take time to allow new pages to be crawled to get good quality links to the pages and they start to climb up the ranking. All bound by SEO campaign should be aware of this fact, not only SEO Specialists. So, with proper communication, you can bet that spread this information early on.

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