Since Google officially confirmed its new algorithm hummingbirds (Google Hummingbird) on September 26, 2013. Moreover, tests to start the algorithm started about a month ago. It is precisely this new algorithm, cause a decrease or increase in the number of positions sites.
New algorithm of Google – Hummingbird (Hummingbird)
What exactly is Hummingbirds? How it will affect demand?
Google hummingbirds differs greatly from its predecessors Panda and Penguin. While previous updates fought with duplicate content and a link through spam index of Google, this algorithm is entirely aimed at better assimilation of search queries from the search engine. What does that mean?
The most obvious example would be the following:
In search query: “Agency for SEO optimization for a site in the center of Sofia at a good price” previous algorithm would show best ranked scores of the key phrases: SEO optimization, SEO optimization Sofia, SEO price, agency for SEO optimization etc. Thanks hummingbirds, the search engine brings a little more logical to human thinking and will do the following:
Establishing the position and the location from which the request is sent.
Finding the closest places offering SEO services.
Compare prices SEO services.
Earning the most favorable and close result for the client.
Of course, this is an optimal option, which will be introduced suddenly in demand. Individual keyword phrases composed of 2-3 words still have great importance and optimization for them is mandatory. Full implementation of the algorithm will undergo many improvements to reach its best level. In this case, the key in hummingbirds is that they will be presented pages that are close to the meaning of the whole phrase. Colibri is made that process absolutely each phrase of the target sentence, not only certain words.
What conclusions can we do?
Things remain the same as they were before. This algorithm appeared quietly and not inflict enormous damage that caused his predecessors Panda and Penguin. Surely there are sites affected by the new update, but traffic that have lost more easily recover from the blow dealt by Penguin. Google’s position remains firmly in favor of the end user.
Who will win the new algorithm?
Traders that are implemented in the code on their sites structural data (microdata)
Traders present in Google + Local and have had their permanent location.
Highly authoritative sites, easily qualifying Long Tail keyword phrases.
Companies that focus heavily on internal SEO optimization and not by thinking about spam and Keyword Staffing.
Honest merchants.
Who will suffer losses?
Companies that offer optimization still one or two specific keywords and emphasize their optimization and do comprehensive authority of the domain.
Hated all optimizers 50 lev
Optimizers using outdated spam techniques.
People who do not realize that to be in favor of his client, the first position on Google is important but not the only indicator that should be monitored by SEO experts.
Overall this is a shrewd move for the actual screening and qualitative results. Our work becomes more difficult but also more interesting. I would love to comment and leave comments on the matter.