By Google update the page link schemes with examples of backlinks that Google considered SPAM. Certainly new to this mechanism are article marketing-and guest posting campaigns are much anchor text full of keywords and phrases, advertorial-and containing paid links, and not least with highly optimized links Angkor in press releases and articles.
Link types that can put your site in trouble are actually more than that. Here is their list:
1. Google hates paid links (when catch them though …)
Buying and selling links that routed PageRank may have a negative effect on your site ranks in the SERPs. It incorporates and: the exchange of money for links; exchange of goods and services as for links; or sending to someone of “free” product in order to that this man wrote about this and put back link to the source.
Do not buy or sell links if you do not want to risk their ranking.
2. Google hate excessive exchange links (link exchange)
Exchange links with other sites is not a problem (and not a decision, as not giving any weight, but still …). Indeed, such a practice is perfectly normal for most sites. For example, sites for studying monkeys can exchange links with other sites for the study of monkeys without harm them much.
However, if you exchanged links appear artificial (if female clothing store linkva to site movers and vice versa), then Google may think you are trying to bildnete no natural connections. While links you have exchanged normal logic and an ordinary visitor would benefit them visit your site to the other, then all you will okay 😉
3. Google hates article marketing and guest posting on a large scale
It’s OK if you post your articles or guest posts on other web sites, if they are not tolling. If guest post-ming only because of keyword stuffed beklinka, then your site might begin to look around for some time and for any other punishment. And although this may sound very populist, drop your guest posts on other websites if you want to contribute a theme with something qualitatively.
4. Google hates automation and services related to building beklikove
Surely you’ve seen ads for tools and services (both on the Internet and even in our forums and, which offer hundreds (if not thousands) of backlinks almost without doing anything. These tools that “help” to “dominate” SERPs-and are sure way to your site banned by Google.
Avoid tools and extensions automatically build-ing of backlinks. If you reached particularly easily to such, it definitely note that Google SPAM team (led by Matt Cutts) also already know them 😉