Without unnecessary comments you imagine some of the complaints of employees who work in the various offices of Google in the world:

Inhuman working conditions on Google Worldwide
My fitness is very far away. If they had made room in our body, I would go. I do not walk 100 meters to the other building.
Those companies with 100 dollar headphones spoil my hair.
5 of the 8 t-shirts they gave us this year are black. That annoys me. More like the color blue.
When the parachute of teambuilding-a promised us 50 seconds of free fall, and then watching the video, it turned out that there were only 41 seconds.
I see no difference between the settings of massage armchair: “Slack”, “Recovery” and “Tides of force.”
When I go to get free drinks from the kitchen turns out they just overfill the refrigerator and have failed to cool. And how to work like this!?
The sofa in my office not long enough to be straightened to his full height.
Because 14 times a week eat at Google, more cheaply me out to eat in the cafe or restaurant than to buy products. As a result, year now I have not had to cook what I lost habit of cooking!
At lunch my colleagues ate pizza and all I had to eat steak.
When I was sent on an assignment to other offices of the company, my food there is an unknown and I do not know what to order.
Just as he accustomed to work phone when we give a new model, and I have to get acclimatized.
I thickening of unlimited free food.
Blown sun when we were tiim building event in Hawaii.
When I work from home I have myself to cook lunch and dinner.
So eats breakfast, I could not get hungry until lunch.
In our gaming room has only one bed and I had to play Call of Duty in the chair.
The choice of classic gaming machines in our building is limited and I have to go to the other housing.
We did catapult the furniture in the office, but the ceiling was too low to send oranges of more than 45 meters.
I have not received free T-shirts already three months.
The cook did not put enough sauce in my crab soup.
Chalk for billiard cues not go with color lining of the pool table.
My workplace is equidistant from two kitchens and each time doubting where to go.