One of the top-SEO specialists in the world (Neil Walker) has released a presentation explaining several factors that play an important role in SEO, and what relationship the real value of SEO, its price and the expectations that have each client. Here is what information reveals presentation:
Where it is best to place a link?
95% are convinced that this is the anchor text, surrounded by relevant text material.
61%, however, say it is not so, and the text can be whatever we want.
94% of SEO Specialists say that the links in the side column (sidebar) bear no burden.
97 percent also now firmly believe that good old links in the footer are not fashionable and not taken into account by Google.
Where to look for links?
62% would seek links from pages of more than 2 years.
61% did believe that links from sites relevant URL is the best option.
According to 67% by SEO gurus link will need to be dofollow.
How is good relevance?
60% say that Page Rank-is seen to be less important than the good, relevant and meaningful content.
58% believe that the age of the domain is also more important than content.
But 61% think that the good reputation of the page is more important than content.
What makes a good link?
73% of SEO Specialists say that text links are the best quality (anchor text).
71% believe that the age of the domain is important. The older it is, the better quality is the link.
84% considered the authority of a bulk domain of the link.
The authority of the page according to a leading 73% of SEO Specialists.
Only 32% say that Page Rank-is seen to be important to link that you receive. 25% did the opposite view.